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Research Article

Physico-chemical Properties of Commercial Local Beverages in Osun State, Nigeria

R.O. Adeleke and O.A. Abiodun
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This research work evaluates the physico-chemical properties of local beverages form, Osun State. Nigeria. The drinks were analyzed for PH, titratable acidity, specific gravity, total soluble solids, ethanol content, total solids, total sugar, reducing sugars, non reducing sugar and ascorbic acid. From the analysis, the PH value ranged from 4.2-6.3, the titratable acidity ranged from 0.8-11.7. The highest specific gravity was in fura da nunu (1.3180) and the lowest in ogogoro (0.9897). Total soluble solid ranged from 0.3-10.7%. Ogogoro (distilled palmwine) had the highest percentage of alcohol content of 37.6%, burukutu (sorghum beer) had 4.6% and palm wine had 3.1% while nunu (fermented skim milk), omi wara (cheese whey), kunnu zaki (millet food drink), Adoyo (maize drink) and fura da nunu (fermented skim milk with millet dough) had lower values. Fura da nunu had highest total solid (21.8%) and total sugars (7.5%). These values were significant different (p<0.05) from other samples. Adoyo had highest value of 32.0 mg/100 g ascorbic acid while ogogoro had the lowest value. The PH of ogogoro was nearer to neutrality compared with the other local drinks analyzed. Titratable acidity and ascorbic acid of zobo and pito were not feasible due to the products colour. The high alcoholic content of ogogoro, burukutu and palmwine signifies that the product can cause health problem such as obesity and can damage the organs in the body. Adoyo, fura da nunu, nunu and kunnu zaki are good source of ascorbic acid but diabetic patient may take them without sugar.

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R.O. Adeleke and O.A. Abiodun, 2010. Physico-chemical Properties of Commercial Local Beverages in Osun State, Nigeria. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 9: 853-855.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2010.853.855


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