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Microbiological Safety of Raw Milk in Khartoum State, Sudan: 2- Khartoum-North City

Asmahan Azhari Ali
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Sixteen random samples of raw cow's milk were collected from Khartoum North in Sudan. Samples were analyzed for microbiological properties included total plate count (TPC), total coliforms (TC), fecal coliforms (FC), Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, lactic acid bacteria (LAB), spore forming bacteria (SFB) and yeast. The results showed higher counts for all the microorganisms studied. Average of TPC, TC, FC, S. aureus, SFB, LAB and Yeast were 9.88 x 106, 5.43 x 104, 1.56 x 104, 1.2 x 106, 1.23 x 102, 7 x 104 and 9.63 x 105 cfu/mL, respectively. The microbial profiles found had non-conformance to the standards. Based on the exceedingly high microbial counts found in this study, it could be concluded that this milk type poses a serious health risk in the study areas.

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Asmahan Azhari Ali , 2010. Microbiological Safety of Raw Milk in Khartoum State, Sudan: 2- Khartoum-North City. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 9: 651-653.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2010.651.653


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