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In vitro Gas Production and Dry Matter Digestibility of Tannin-Containing Forges of Semi-Arid Region of North-Eastern Nigeria

A.A. Njidda and A. Nasiru

A study was conducted to determine the chemical composition, in vitro dry matter digestibility and in vtro fermentation of four dorminant browse species in the region of experimentation (Leuceana lecocephala, Moringa Oleafera, Acacia tortilis and Ziziphus mucronata). Crude Protein (CP) (from 13.96% DM for A. tortilis to 19.42% DM for L. leucocephala) except M. oleifera which had the highest (21.42% DM). The range of lignocelluloses (acid detergent fibre, ADF) was from 21.16 g/100 g DM for A. tortilis to 31.39 g/100 g DM for M. oleifera. The netral detergent fibre ranged from 33.31 g/100 g DM for M. oleifera to 58.81 g/100 g DM. CF, EE and ash had a range of 20.00% DM for Z. mucronata to 32.53% DM for M. oleifera, 3.03% DM for A. tortilis to 5.33% DM for Z. mucronata and 10.76% DM for A. tortilis to 17.76% DM for L. leucocephala. The Total Condensed Tannin (TCT) for the browses ranged from 0.25 mg/g DM for M. oleifera to 2.96 mg/g DM for L. leucocephala. Z. mucronata had the highest value for Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sodium (Na) and Potassium (K) except for phosphorus. In vitro gas and methane production was highest in Z. mucronata. The IVDMD ranged from 70.66-72.00%. CP and TCT showed a positive relationship with IVDMD.

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A.A. Njidda and A. Nasiru, 2010. In vitro Gas Production and Dry Matter Digestibility of Tannin-Containing Forges of Semi-Arid Region of North-Eastern Nigeria. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 9: 60-66.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2010.60.66


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