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Studies on Amylolytic Enzyme Synthesized by Aspergillus flavus Associated with Mouldy Bread

A.D.V. Ayansina and A.A. Owoseni
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Studies were carried out on amylolytic enzymes produced by Aspergillus flavus isolated from mouldy bread with the aim of establishing some factors that affect its activity. Aspergillus flavus grew in synthetic medium containing starch as the sole carbon source and synthesize enzymes which exhibited amylolytic activities. Production of the enzyme increased with increase in days of incubation with optimum activity occurring on the tenth day of incubation. Activity of the enzyme increased at 4mg/ml starch concentration. Activity also increased with increase in temperature reaching a maximum at 40oC. The pH of the reaction mixture influenced the activity of the enzyme, optimum activity being at pH 7.0.

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A.D.V. Ayansina and A.A. Owoseni, 2010. Studies on Amylolytic Enzyme Synthesized by Aspergillus flavus Associated with Mouldy Bread. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 9: 434-437.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2010.434.437


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