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Renew Checklist of Spiders (Aranei) of Iran

Ghavami Sahra
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To date 244 species of spiders belonged to 33 families have been recorded from Iran. Sixty two species, 4 genera and 8 families are reported for the first time from Iran in 2002-2006. Spiders were collected from branches, leaves, flowers and trunks of trees and bushes, on the ground, under the stones and grasses by Steiner and Baggiolini method, bottle, aspirator, pitfall trap, pans and insect net. Geolycosa altera Roewer, 955 was found to be junior synonym of Honga radiata (Latreille, 817). Four species of Lycosid spiders were transferred to Trochosa: T. austrocaspia (Roewer, 955), T. flavichelis (Roewer, 955), T. nava (Roewer, 955), T. persia (Roewer, 955).

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Ghavami Sahra , 2006. Renew Checklist of Spiders (Aranei) of Iran. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 9: 1839-1851.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2006.1839.1851



The first spider collections in persia (Iran) were made by Keyserling and Bienert in 1859. The first published spider record from Iran was by Thorell 1983, who described a new species of Artema. In the first half of 20th century three papers dealt partly with spiders from Iran. Namely black-widows and Argiope have been published: Pocok (1903), Werner (1936) and Pavlosky (1942). In the beginning of the 20th century Russian expenditions to Iran were undertaken by Filipovich in 1904 and by Kirichenko in 1914. Like Keyserling’s material, their collections were stored in ZISP (Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg). While these spiders were partially identified by the late Kharitonov, this data remained unpublished. In the 1960s and 1970s, several expendations to Iran were organized by Austrain, Italian, American, Swiss and German and in 2000s Russian zoologists. Partial results of these expenditions were published in several faunistic and toxonomic papers: Roewer (1955,1959), Brignoli (1972, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982), Senglet (1974), Wesolowska (1986), Proszynski (1992), Ovtsharenko et al. (1994), Saaristo and Tanasevitch (1995), Wunderlich (1995), Logunov (1999, 2001a,b), Logunov and Marusik (1999, 2000). Also, Twelve published abstracts and papers by Iranian researchers (Mirshamsi and Darvish, 1997; Goodarzi and Akbari, 1998; Goodarzi et al., 1998; Mozaffarian et al., 1998; Ghavami et al., 2004a, b; Ghavami, 2005, 2006a) and four project research had done by the author. Information on the occurrence and distribution of spiders within Iran is summarized in checklist given blow. New recorded species, genera and families are marked by astrisks(*).


Agelena labyrinthica (Clerck, 1757)*
Records: Mazandaran: Salman Shahr and Chaloos, Golestan: Nodijeh, Chardeh, Raamian and Kordkooy, (Ghavami et al., 2004a), Golestan, Mazandaran, (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Agelena orientalis C.L.Koch,1841
Records: Mazandaran, (Brignoli, 1978).
Cicurina sp.*
Records: Golestan: Gonbad (Ghavami, 2005)

Aculeperia ceropegia (Walckenaer,1802)
Records: Kerman, (Roewer, 1955).
Agalenatea redii (Scopoli, 1763) *
Records: Golestan: Raamian and Gonbad (Ghavami et al., 2004b).
Araniella inconspicua*
Records: Golestan: Raamian (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Araniella alpica (L.Koch,1869)*
Records: Golestan: Raamian, Nodijeh (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Araniella cucurbitina (Clerck, 1757)
Records: Golestan: Nodijeh, Zarringol, Tooskaostan (Ghavami et al., 2004b),
Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955; Ghavami, 2006b).
Araniella opistographa (Kulcuzynski, 1905)*
Records: Golestan, (Mozaffarian et al., 2004).
Araneus angulatus Clerck, 1757
Records: Guilan and Mazandaran (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).
Araneus diadematus Clerck,1757 *
Records: Golestan: (Ghavami et al., 2004a), Guilan, Mazandaran (Ghavami, 2005; Ghavami, 2006c).
Argiope bruennichi (Scopoli 1772)
Records: Fars (Roewer, 1955), Zanjan, Golestan: Tooskaostan, Guilan: Roodbar,
Loushan (Ghavami et al., 2004a), Mazandaran, (Mozaffarian et al., 1998; Ghavami, 2005; Ghavami, 2006a).
Argiope clarckii Blackwall,1865
Records: Booshehr (Pocok, 1903; Levy, 1997).
Argiope lobata (Pallas, 1772)
Records: Zanjan (Ghavami et al., 2004b), Ardebil: Moghan (Ghavami, 2005), Fars and Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Cercidia sp.*
Records: Guilan: Roodbar, Zanjan: Soomeahbar, Vaneaser, Alazain, Jozargh, Zarringol, Hendezamin, Golestan: Tooskaostan, (Ghavami et al., 2004b).
Cyclosa conica (Pallas, 1772)*
Records: Golestan: Kordkooy, Tooskaostan, Zanjan: Hendezamin, (Ghavami et al., 2004a), Mazandaran, (Ghavami, 2006b).
Cyphepeira silvicultrix (C.L.Koch, 1845)
Records: Guilan, (Roewer, 1955).
Hypsosinga pygmaea (Sundevall, 1831)
Records: Guilan (Mozaffarian et al., 1998), Golestan (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Hypsosinga sanguinea (C.L.Koch, 1845)*
Records: Golestan: Gonbad, Hivechi, (Ghavami et al., 2004a), Mazandaran (Ghavami, 2006c).
Hypsosinga albovittata (Westring, 1851)*
Records: Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, (Ghavami, 2005).
Larinioides cornutus (Clerck, 1758)
Records: Khorram Abad, Mazandaran, Fars, West Azerbayjan and Kerman (Roewer, 1955), Golestan, (Ghavami, 2006b).
Larinioides folium (Schranek, 1803)
Records: Guilan, Mazandaran, (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).
Neoscona adianta (Walckenaer, 1802)
Records: Guilan, Mazandaran (Mozaffarian et al., 1998),
Golestan: Tooskaostan, Alazeman, Beraftan, Nodijeh, Kordkooy, Gonbad, Bailer, Hivechi, Zanghian, Toushan, Hashem Abad, Fazel Abad, (Ghavami et al., 2004a), Ardebil: Moghan, Oltan, (Ghavami, 2005),
Mangora acalypha (Walckenaer, 1802)
Records: Golestan: Tooskaostan, Beraftan, Nazar Abad, Guilan: Roodbar, Ali Abad, (Ghavami et al., 2004b).
Singa licina (Audouin, 1802)
Records: Mazandaran, (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).

Records: Golestan: Raamian, (Ghavami et al., 2004b).

Atypus sp.*
Records: Mazandaran (Goodarzi, 1994)

Clubiona mildei L. Koch, 1864
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955)
Clubiona neglecta O.P. Cambridge, 1862*
Records: Golestan: Kordkooy, Karkandeh, (Ghavami, 2005).
Clubiona phragmitis C.L. Koch 1843
Records: Guilan and Mazandaran, (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).

Cybaeus angustiarum L. Koch, 1868
Records: Guilan or Kerman, (Roewer, 1955).

Achaeodictyna sp.
Records: Esfahan (Mozaffarian and Marusik, 2001)
Argenna patula *
Records: Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, (Ghavami, 2005).
Dictyna latens (Fabricius, 1775) *
Records: Guilan: Roodbar, Golestan: Gonbad, (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Nigma flavescens (Walckenaer, 1825)*
Records: Kashan, (Ghavami et al., 2004b).

Dysdera asiatica Nosek, 1905
Records: Esfahan, Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Dysdera concinna L. Koch, 1878
Records: Iran (Platnik, 2000)
Dysdera erythrina (Walckenaer, 1802)
Records: Esfahan and (Caspian Sea) (Roewer, 1955).
Harpactea parthica Brignoli 1980
Records: Khorasan (Brignoli, 1980).

Eresus sp.*
Records: Guilan: Roodbar, Rostam Abad, Ghazvin: Manjil, (Ghavami et al., 2004b)
Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, (Ghavami, 2005).
Dresserus sp.*
Records: Ghazvin: Tarom, (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Stegodyphus dufouri (Audouin, 1826)
Records: Province unclear (Roewer, 1955).
Stegodyphus pacificus (Pocok, 1889)
Records: Fars, Kerman (Kraus and Kraus, 1988).

Olios xerxes (Pocok, 1889)
Records: Iran, (no locality data) (Platnik, 2000).
Sparassus walckenaeri (Audouin, 1827)
Records: Kerman and Mazandaran, (Roewer, 1955; Levy, 1989).
Micrommata virecens (Clerck, 1757)*
Records: Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, Ardebil: Moghan, Oltan, (Ghavami, 2005).

Filistata insidiatrix (Forskal, 1775)
Records: Mazandaran (Brignoli, 1982).
Filistata sp.
Records: Roodbar, Zanjan: Gilvan, (Ghavami et al., 2004b).
Zaitunia alexandri Brignoli, 1982
Records: Fars (Brignoli, 1982).
Zaitunia medica Brignoli, 1982
Records: Esfahan (Brignoli, 1982).
Zaitunia persica Brignoli, 1982
Records: Fars (Brignoli, 1982).

Aphantaulax sp.*
Records: Guilan: Roodbar, Golestan: Chardeh, Zanjan: Hendezamin, Ghazvin, (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Drassodes lapidosus (Walckenaer, 1802)
Records: Guilan, East and probably West Azerbayjan and Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Drassodes sp.
Records: Fars: Neyriz, Darab, Jahrom, Estahban, (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Gnaphosa sp.*
Records: Fars: Darab (Ghavami et al., 2004b).
Haplodrassus sp.*
Records: Fars: Darab, Remestagh, (Ghavami, 2005).
Micaria sp.*
Records: Golestan: Gonbad, Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, Goltapeh, Fars: Darab, Remestagh (Ghavami, 2005).
Nomisia exornata (C.L.Koch,1839)
Records: Fars (Roewer, 1955).
Nomisia ripariensis (O.Pickard- Cambridge, 1872)
Records: Mazandaran and Kerman (Roewer, 1955), Tehran, (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).
Phaeocedus braccatus (L. Koch,1878)
Records: Mazandaran (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).
Pterotricha conigera Spassky, 1941
Records: West or East Azerbayjan (Roewer, 1955).
Pterotricha lentiginosa (C.L.Koch,1837)
Records: Fars, East Azerbayjan (Roewer, 1955).
Pterotricha loeffleri (Roewer, 1955)
Records: Tehran, (Roewer, 1955).
Scotophaeus sp.*
Records: Zanjan: Tarom, (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Synaphosus neali (Ovtsharenko et al., 1994)
Records: Baloochestan (Ovtsharenko et al., 1994).
Synaphosus shirin (Ovtsharenko et al., 1994)
Records: Kermanshah (Ovtsharenko et al., 1994).
Talanites dunini Platnick et Ovtsharenko, 1994
Records: Guilan (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).
Zelotes femellus (C.L. Koch, 1866)
Records: East Azerbayjan (Roewer, 1955).
Zelotes longipes (C.L. Koch, 1866)
Records: Guilan (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).
Zelotes sp.
Records: Golestan (Ghavami et al., 2004b), Mazandaran, (Ghavami, 2005; Ghavami, 2006b).

Antistea sp.*
Records: Fars: Darab (Ghavami, 2005).

Erigone dentipalpis (Wider, 1834)
Records: Kerman or Guilan, (Roewer, 1955).
Frontinella frutetorum (C.L.Koch, 1834)*
Records: Tehran, (Goodarzi, 1994), Guilan: Roodbar, Golestan: Nodijeh, Raamian, Zanjan: mamalan, Soomeahbar, Hendezamin, Vaneser, Tarom (Ghavami et al., 2004b)
, Golestan, Mazandaran, (Ghavami, 2006c).
Gnathonarium dentatum (Wider, 1834)
Records: Kerman or Guilan (Roewer, 1955).
Lepthyphantes zimmermanni Bertkau, 1890*
Records: Tehran: Varamin, Goltapeh (Ghavami, 2005).
Lepthyphantes iranicus Saaristo and Tanasevitch, 1995
Records: Mazandaran (Saaristo and Tanasevitch, 1995).
Lepthyphantes nebulosus (Sundevall, 1830)
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Lepthyphantes sbordonii Brignoli, 1970
Records: Mazandaran (Brignoli, 1970).
Leptorhoptrum robustum (Westring, 1851)*
Records: Guilan, Zanjan, Tarom (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Linyphia triangularis (Clerck, 1758)
Records: Kerman or Guilan (Roewer, 1955).
Linyphia sp.
Records: Zanjan: Tarom, Ghazvin, Tarom (Ghavami et al., 2004a), Tehran: Varamin, Goltapeh, Golestan, (Ghavami, 2005; Ghavami, 2006b).
Microlinyphia sp.*
Records: Golestan: Tooskaostan, Zanjan: Vaneser, Guilangasheh (Ghavami et al., 2004b), Tehran: Varamin, Goltapeh, Jafar Abad, (Ghavami, 2005)
Golestan, Mazandaran, (Ghavami, 2006c).
Oedothorax apicatus (Blackwall, 1850)*
Records: Khorasan (Mozaffarian et al., 2004).
Prinerigone vagans (Audouin, 1826)
Records: Guilan and Mazandaran (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).
Tenuiphantes perseus (Van Helsdingen et al., 1977)
Records: Guilan (Van Helsdingen et al., 1977).

Loxosceles sp.*
Records: Tehran (Goodarzi, 1994)

Acantholycosa sp.*
Records: Golestan (Goodarzi, 1994)
Allohogna singoriensis (Laxmann, 1770)
Records: East Azerbayjan, (Roewer, 1955).
Alopecosa pulverulenta (Clerck, 1757)*
Records: Golestan, Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, (Ghavami, 2005).
Arctosa cinerea (Fabricius, 1775)
Records: East and probably West Azerbayjan, (Roewer, 1955).
Arctosa leopardus (Sundevall, 1833)
Records: Guilan and Mazandaran, (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).
Arctosa tbilisiensis Mcheidze, 1947*
Records: Eilam (Mozaffarian et al., 2004).
Aulonia albimana (Walckenaer, 1805)*
Records: Fars: Darab, (Ghavami, 2005).
Evippa fortis Roewer, 1955
Records: Kerman, (Roewer, 1955).
Evippa luteipalpis Roewer, 1955
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Evippa praelongipes (O.Pickard-Cambridge, 1870)
Records: Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955).
Geolycosa(?) atroscopulata Roewer, 1955
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Honga radiata (Latreille, 1817)
Records: Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955).
Lycosa suzukii Yaginuma, 1973*
Records: Tehran (Goodarzi, 1994)
Lycorma(?) nigrichelis Roewer, 1955
Records: Mazandaran and East Azerbayjan, (Roewer, 1955).
Pardosa agrestis (Westring, 1861)*
Records: Golestan: Fazel Abad, Gharan Abad, Tooskaostan, Guilan: Ali Abad (Ghavami et al., 2004b; Ghavami, 2006c), Golestan, Ardebil: Moghan (Ghavami, 2005).
Pardosa agricola (Thorell, 1856)
Records: Kerman, Tehran, Markazi and East Azerbayjan, (Roewer, 1955).
Pardosa amentata (Clerck,1757) *
Records: Golestan: Tooskaostan,
Gonbad, Fars: Neyriz, (Ghavami, 2004a, 2005).
Pardosa condolens (O.Pickard-Cambridge, 1885)
Records: Esfahan (Roewer, 1955).
Pardosa donabila Roewer, 1955
Records: Fars, West or East Azerbayjan, Tehran and Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955).
Pardosa lugubris (Walckenaer, 1802)
Records: Kerman, (Roewer, 1955).
Pardosa monticola (Clerck, 1757)*
Records: Golestan: Fazel Abad, Hashem Abad, (Ghavami, 2005).
Pardosa palustris (Linnaeus, 1758)
Records: Golestan (Goodarzi, 1994)
Pirata piraticus (Clerck, 1758)
Records: West or East Azerbayjan, (Roewer, 1955).
Trochosa austrocaspia (Roewer, 1955)
Records: Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955).
Trochosa flavichelis (Roewer, 1955)
Records: Mazandaran, Guilan or Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Trochosa nava (Roewer, 1955)
Records: Kerman, (Roewer, 1955).
Trochosa persica (Roewer, 1955)
Records: Guilan or Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Trochosa urbana (O.Pickard-Cambridge, 1876)
Records: Fars, Mazandaran and Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
“Trochosa” impercussa Roewer, 1955
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
“ Trochosa”loeffleri Roewer, 1955
Records: Esfahan (Roewer, 1955).
Trochosa terricola Thorell, 1856
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Wadicosa sp.
Records: Eilam and Khoozestan (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).

Zygiella x-notata (Clerck, 1757) *
Records: Golestan, (Ghavami et al., 2004a).

Cheiracanthium erraticum (Walckenaer, 1802)*
Records: Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, Goltapeh, Ardebil: Moghan (Ghavami, 2005).
Cheiracanthium pennyi O.P.-Cambridge, 1873*
Records: Golestan: Gonbad, Bailer, Hivechi, Ardebil: Moghan (Ghavami, 2005).
Cheiracanthium mildei C.L.Koch, 1864
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955), Tehran (Goodarzi, 1994), Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, Pishva (Ghavami, 2005).

Raveniola niedermeyeri (Brignoli, 1972)
Records: Golestan, (Brignoli, 1972).

Oecoblus sp.*
Records: Khorasan: Kashmir, Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, Golestan: Gonbad, Bailer (Ghavami, 2005).
Uroctea durandi (Latreille, 1809)
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955).

Oxyopes heterophthalmus Latreille, 1804*
Records: Golestan (Mozaffarian et al., 2004).
Oxyopes lineatus (Latreille, 1806)
Records: East or West Azerbayjan, (Roewer, 1955), Tehran, (Goodarzi, 1994), Golestan: Beraftan, (Ghavami, 2004b).
Peucetia sp.*
Records: Fars: Darab (Ghavami, 2005).

Palpimanus gibbulus Dufour, 1820
Records: West Azerbyjan, Yazd (Roewer, 1955).

Philodromus rufus (Walckenaer, 1825)*
Records: East Azerbayjan (Mozaffarian and Khalil, 1999),
Golestan: Tooskaostan, Zarringol, Kordkooy, Beraftan, Zanjan, Guilan, (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Tibellus oblongus (Walckenaer, 1802)
Records: Guilan, Mazandaran, Golestan: Gonbad, Hivechi (Ghavami, 2004a, 2005; Ghavami, 2006b).
Philodromus cespitum (Walckenaer, 1802)*
Records: Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, Ardebil: Moghan (Ghavami, 2005).
Philodromus dispar Walckenaer, 1825
Records: (Caspian Sea), (Roewer, 1955).
Philodromus margaritatus (Clerck, 1758)
Records: Mazandaran or Kerman, (Roewer, 1955).
Thanatus vulgaris
Records: Tehran (Goodarzi and Akbari, 1998), Eilam, Tehran, Khorasan, (Mozaffarian and Marusik, 2001).
Thanatus formicinus (Clerck, 1757)*
Records: Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, Pishva, Taghi Abad, Golestan: Gonbad, Fars: Darab, Khorasan: Kashmar (Ghavami, 2005).
Thanatus striatus C.L.Koch,1845*
Records: Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, Fars: Darab (Ghavami, 2005).

Artema doriai Thorell in Simon, 1893
Records: Kerman, Mazandaran and Tehran (Roewer, 1955).
Psilochorus simoni (Berland 1911) *
Records: Golestan: Tooskaostan, Kordkooy, Chardeh, Bandar Gaz,
Ghazvin (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Pholcus phalangioides (Fuesslin, 1775) *
Records: Golestan: Chardeh, Bandar Gaz, Guilan: Roodbar, (Ghavami et al., 2004b).
Pholcus alticeps Spassky, 1932
Records: Guilan, Golestan, Mazandaran, (Senglet, 1974).
Pholcus armeniacus Senglet, 1974
Records: West Azerbayjan (Senglet, 1974).
Pholcus hyrcanus Senglet, 1974
Records: Golestan (Senglet, 1974).
Pholcus medicus Senglet, 1974
Records: Zanjan, Markazi (Senglet, 1974).
Pholcus opilionoides (Schrank, 1781)?
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Pholcus persicus Senglet, 1974
Records: Fars (Senglet, 1974).

Pisaura mirabilis (Clerck, 1757)
Records: Mazandaran (Mozaffarian et al., 1998),
Ardebil: Moghan, Oltan, Majid Abad (Ghavami, 2005).

Aelurillus iranus (Roewer, 1955)
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955, Proszynski, 1966).
Aelurillus concolor Kulezynski, 1901
Records:Sabzevar (Roewer, 1955).
Ballus depressus (Walckenaer, 1802)
Records: Mazandaran (Logunov and Marusik, 2000).
Bianor albimaculatus (Lucas, 1846)
Records: Guilan and Mazandaran (Mozaffarian et al. 1998; Logunov, 2001a), Fars, Khoozestan (Logunov, 2001b), Zanjan: Tarom (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Bianor aurocinctus (Ohlert, 1865)
Records: Khorram Abad (Roewer, 1955).
Chalcoscirtus (Chalcoscirtus) iranicus (Logunov and Marusik, 1999)
Records: Tehran.
Chalcoscirtus (s.str.) infimus
Records: Tehran, (Logunov and Marusik, 1999, 2000).
Chalcoscirtus (s.str.) lepidus Wesolowska, 1986
Records: Tehran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Chalcoscirtus (s.str.) nigritus (Thorell, 1875)
Records: Fars, East Azerbayjan, (Logunov and Marusik, 1999).
Chalcoscirtus (s.str.) hosseinieorum sp.n.
Records: Fars (Logunov et al., 2001).
Chalcoscirtus (Chalcoscirtus) parvulus
Records: Tehran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Chinnatus caucasicus (Logunov, 1999)
Records: Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955), Khorram Abad, (Logunov, 1999).
Cyrba algerina (Lucas, 1846)
Records: Fars, Tehran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Cyrba ocellata (Kroneberg, 1875)
Records: Tehran (Mozaffarian et al., 1998), Mazandaran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Euophrys frontalis (Walckenaer, 1802)
Records: Mazandaran (Mozaffarian, 2000), Fars: Estahban (Ghavami, 2005).
Evarcha arcuata (Clerck, 1758)
Records: Mazandaran
Evarcha negevensis Proszynski, 1992
Records: Tehran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Evarcha praecincta (Simon, 1893)
Records: Fars (Logunov et al., 2001).
Heliophanus (s.str.) cupreus (Walckenaer, 1802)
Records: East Azerbayjan, Mazandaran, (Wesolowska, 1986; Marusik et al., 2000), Zanjan, Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad (Ghavami, 2005).
Heliophanus (s.str.) decoratus C.L. Koch, 1875
Records: Fars (Logunov et al., 2001).
Heliophanus (s.str.) dunini Rakov and Logunov, 1997
Records: Tehran (Marusik et al., 2000).
Heliophanus (s.str.) equester L. Koch, 1867
Records: West Azerbayjan, Tehran and Fars (Logunov et al., 2001).
Heliophanus (s.str.) flavipes Huhn, 1831
Records: East Azerbayjan, Mazandaran, Tehran (Wesolowska, 1986), Mazandaran, Tehran (Logunov et al., 2001), Golestan: Gonbad, Kordkooy, Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, (Ghavami, 2004b, 2005),
Heliophanus forcipifer Kulezynski, 1895
Records: Yazd (Mozaffarian and Marusik, 2001)
Heliophanus fulgens (O.Pickard-Cambridge, 1876)
Records: Yazd, (Mozaffarian et al., 1998) Esfahan, Fars, (Logunov et al., 2001).
Heliophanus (Heliophanus) edentulus
Records: Tehran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Heliophanus (s.str.) glaucus Bosenberg and Lenz, 1895
Records: Fars (Logunov et al., 2001).
Heliophanus (s.str.) iranus Wesolowska, 1986
Records: Tehran (Wesolowska, 1986).
Heliophanus ignorabilis Wesolowska, 1986
Records: Mazandaran (Wesolowska, 1986).
Heliophanus ledeufiilus (S.str.Hahn,1831)*
Records: Golestan: Tooskaostan (Ghavami et al., 2004b).
Heliophanus (s.str.) mordax (O.Pickard-Cambridge, 1872)
Records: Tehran, Fars, Mazandaran (Marusik et al., 2000).
Heliophanus (s.str.) verus Wesolowska, 1986
Records: Mazandaran (Wesolowska, 1986), Kerman, (Logunov and Marusik, 2000).
“Hyllus” insularis,
Records: Yazd, Mazandaran (Logunov, 2001a), Zanjan, Guilan (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Iannattus rectangularis Proszynski, 1992
Records: Baloochestan (Proszynski, 1992).
Langona redii (Savigny and Audouin, 1825).
Records: Fars (Gettmer, 1983)
Macaroeris nidicolens (Walckenaer, 1802)
Records: Golestan (Logunov and Marusik, 2000).
Mendoza canestrinii (Ninni in Canestrini and Pavesi, 1868).
Records: Guilan, Golestan and Mazandaran (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).
Menemerus semilimbatus (Hahn, 1827)
Records: Mazandaran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Mexcala farsensis (Logunov, 2001a)
Records: Fars (Logunov, 2001b).
Mogrus neglectus
Records: Tehran and Fars (Logunov et al., 2001).
Myrmarachne tristis
Records: Khoozestan (Marusik, 1996).
Neon (Dicroneon) levis
Records: Tehran, (Logunov and Marusik, 2000).
Neon (Dicroneon) rayi
Records: Tehran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Neon (s.str.) reticulatus (Blackwall, 1853)
Records: East Azerbayjan, Mazandaran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Pellenes (Pelmultus) brevis
Records: Tehran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Pellenes (Pelmultus) epularis (O.Pickard-Camb-ridge, 1872)
Records: Fars (Marusik et al., 2000), Tehran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Pellenes (Pellenes) seriatus (Thorell, 1875)
Records: Golestan and Kermanshah (Logunov and Marusik, 2000).
Philaeus chrysops (Poda, 1761)
Records: Tehran, Golestan and Mazandaran (Logunov et al., 2001), Eilam (Mozaffarian et al., 2004).
Phintella castriesiana (Grube, 1861)
Records: Mazandaran
Khorram Abad and Mazandaran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Phlegra fascita (Hahn, 1826)
Records: Mazandaran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Phlegra tetralineata (Caporiacco, 1939)
Records: Tehran (Azerkina and Logunov, 2001).
Plexippoides flavescens (O.Pickard- Cambridge, 1872)
Records: Kerman (Kuznetsov, 1929), Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955), Tehran (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).
Plexippoides coccineus
Records: Tehran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Pseudicius rudakii Proszynski, 1992
Records: Fars (Proszynski, 1992).
Pseudeuophrys erratica (Walckenaer, 1826)
Records: Mazandaran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Pseudicius palaestinensis Strand, 1915
Records: (Logunov et al., 2001), Fars, Yazd (Mozaffarian and Marusik, 2001), Tehran.
Pseudicius rudakii Proszynski, 1992
Records: Fars, (Proszynski, 1992).
Pseudicius spasskyi
Records: Guilan (Wesolowska, 1986).
Salticus cingulatus (Panzer, 1797)
Records: Kerman, (Roewer,1955).
Salticus scenicus (Clerck, 1757)*
Records: Zanjan (Ghavami et al., 2004a), Khorasan: Kashmar (Ghavami, 2005).
Salticus tricinctus (C.L.Koch, 1846)
Records: Tehran, Mazandaran and Fars.
Sibianor aurocinctus (Ohlert, 1865)
Records: Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955).
Sitticus ammophilus (Thorell, 1875)
Records: Iran, (no locality data) (Wesolowska, 1986; Logunov and Marusik, 2000).
Sitticus relictarius Logunov, 1998
Records: Mazandaran
Stenaelurillus marusiki Logunov et al. (2001)
Records: Fars (Logunov, 2001b).
Synageles dalmaticus (Keyserling, 1863)
Records: Yazd, Markazi province, Saveh (Mozaffarian et al., 1998), Tehran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Talavera aequipes (O.Pickard- Cambridge,1872)
Records: Mazandaran (Logunov et al., 2001).
Thyene imperialis (Rossi, 1846)
Records: Zanjan: Markazi province: Saveh (Mozaffarian et al., 1998), Zanjan: Tashvir, Tarom, Jozargh, Golestan: Chardeh, Zarringol, Azad Shahr, Gonbad, Hivechi, Hashem Abad, Tooskaostan, Guilan, Mazandaran (Ghavami, 2004b, 2005; 2006c), Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, Goltapeh, Taghi Abad, Fars: Darab (Ghavami, 2005).

Scytodes fusca (Walckenaer, 1837)
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Scytodes thoracica (Latreille, 1804)
Records: Caspian Sea (Roewer, 1955) Zanjan, Golestan (Ghavami et al., 2004a).

Pachygnatha degeeri Sundevall, 1830
Records: Kerman, West or East Azerbayjan (Roewer, 1955).
Tetragnatha extensa (Linnaeus, 1758)
Records: Mazandaran, West Azerbayjan (Roewer, 1955), Guilan: Roodbar, Golestan: Raamian, Fazel Abad, Bandar Gaz, Zanghian, Gonbad, Hashem Abad, Mazandaran (Ghavami, 2004a, 2005, 2006a).
Tetragnatha javana (Thorell, 1890) *
Records: Guilan: Roodbar, Golestan: Toshan, Kordkooy, Karkandeh, Gonbad, Hashem Abad, Mazandaran (Ghavami, 2004a, 2005; 2006b).
Tetragnatha montana
Records: Golestan: Gonbad, Toshan, Hashem Abad, Raamian, Mazandaran (Ghavami, 2004a, 2005; 2006c).
Tetragnatha nigrita Lendl, 1886*
Records: Golestan, Mazandaran (Ghavami, 2006b).

Anelosimus aulicus (C.L.Koch,1838)*
Records: Guilan, Zanjan (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Dipoena prona (Menge, 1868)*
Records: Zanjan: Tarom, (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Enoplognatha mandibularis (Lucas, 1846)
Records: Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955).
Enoplognatha mediterranea
Records: Ardebil (Ghavami, 2004a).
Latrodectus dahli Levi, 1959
Records: Iran, (no locality data) (Platnik, 2000).
Latrodectus geometricus C.L.Koch, 1841
Records: Khorasan (Rafiinejad et al., 2000).
Latrodectus palidus O. Pickard- Cambridge, 1872
Records: Khorasan (Mirshamsi and Darvish, 1997; Rafiinejad et al., 2000).
Latrodectus tredecimguttatus (Rossi, 1790)
Records: Iran, (no locality data) (Werner, 1936; Goodarzi et al., 1998), Hormozgan, Booshehr, Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955), Khorasan (Mirshamsi and Darvish, 1997; Rafiinejad et al., 2000), Golestan: Hashem Abad (Ghavami et al., 2004b).
Robertus lividus (Blackwall, 1836)
Records: Esfahan, (Roewer, 1955).
Steatoda albomaculata (Degeer,1778)*
Records: Zanjan: Tarom, Goocan, Tashvir, Hendezamin, Gilvan, Alzain, Guilan: Roodbar, Ghazvin, Mazandaran, (Ghavami et al., 2004a; Ghavami, 2006a).
Steatoda paykulliana (Walckenaer, 1806)*
Records: Eilam (Mozaffarian et al., 2004), Golestan: Gonbad, Bailer, Hashem Abad, Ardebil: Moghan, Goosloo, Aghdam, Oltan (Ghavami, 2005).
Steatoda phalerata (Panzer, 1801)
Records: Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955).
Theridion hemerobius
Records: Guilan, Mazandaran (Mozaffarian et al., 1998, 2004).
Theridion melanurum Hahn, 1831
Records: Zanjan (Ghavami, 2006c)
Theridion tinctum (Walckenaer, 1802)
Records: Kerman or Guilan, East Azerbayjan (Roewer, 1955)
Theridion varians Hahn, 1831
Records: Fars, Kerman, (Roewer, 1955).
Theridion impressum C.L.Koch,1881*
Records: Golestan: Gonbad, Bailer, Ghareghaj, Tehran: Varamin, Taghi Abad, Ardebil: Moghan, Aghdam (Ghavami, 2005).
Theridion simile, C.L.Koch,1836*
Records: Golestan: Kordkooy, Guilan, Mazandaran (Ghavami et al., 2004a; Ghavami, 2006b).

Diaea dorsata (Fabricius, 1777)*
Records: Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad (Ghavami, 2005).
Misumena vatia (Clerck, 1757)*
Records: Guilan: Roodbar, Golestan: Soomeaehbar, Raamian, Fazel Abad, Bandar Gaz, Gonbad, Zanjan, Ghazvin, Mazandaran (Ghavami, 2004a, 2005, 2006b), Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad (Ghavami, 2005).
Misumenops tricuspidatus (Fabricius, 1775)
Records: Mazandaran (Mozaffarian et al., 1998).
Monaesis acicullus
Records: Ardebil: Moghan, Oltan (Ghavami, 2005).
Runcinia lateralis C.L.Koch,1838*
Records: Tehran (Mozaffarian et al., 2004)
Runcinia sp.
Records: Golestan, Mazandaran (Ghavami, 2004a, 2005; Ghavami, 2006b).
Ozyptila aculipalpa Wunderlich, 1995
Records: Khorram Abad (Wunderlich, 1995).
Ozyptila simplex (O. Pickard- Cambridge, 1862)
Records: Guilan (Mozaffarian et al., 1998, 2004).
Ozyptila grisea Roewer, 1955
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Ozyptila rauda
Records: Guilan, Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955).
Ozyptila praticola (C.L.Koch,1837)
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Ozyptila sp.
Records: Guilan (Ghavami et al., 2004b).
Synaema globosum (Fabricius, 1775)
Records: Guilan: Roodbar, Ali Abad, Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955), Golestan: Beraftan, Tooskaostan, Toushan, Karkandeh, Kordkooy, Raamian, Zarringol, Moodestan, Zanjan, Mazandaran (Ghavami et al., 2004a, 2005; Ghavami, 2006b).
Thomisus onustus, Walckenaer, 1806
Records: Guilan or Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955), Zanjan: Jozargh, Golestan: Soomeaehbar, Toushan, Kordkooy, Mazandaran (Ghavami, 2004b, 2005, 2006c), Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad, Fars: Darab, Ardebil: Moghan (Ghavami, 2005).
Thomisus zyuzini Marusik and Logunov, 1990*
Records: Esfahan, Khorasan (Mozaffarian et al., 2004)
Temarus sp.*
Records: Tehran: Varamin, Jafar Abad (Ghavami, 2004a, 2005).
Xysticus cristatus (Clerck, 1757)*
Records: Golestan: Raamian, Nodijeh, Karkandeh, Kordkooy, Toshan, Zanjan: Guilangasheh, Guilan: Roodbar, Ali Abad, Mazandaran (Ghavami, 2004a, 2005; 2006b), Ardebil: Moghan (Ghavami, 2005).
Xysticus kochi Thorell, 1872*
Records: Guilan: Roodbar, Golestan: Hashem Abad, Tooskaostan (Ghavami et al., 2004a).
Xysticus audax (Schrank, 1803)
Records: Kerman (Roewer, 1955).
Xysticus lanio C.L.Koch,1824
Records: Guilan, Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955), Fars: Darab (Ghavami, 2005).
Xysticus loeffleri Roewer, 1955
Records: Guilan or Mazandaran (Roewer, 1955).
Xysticus tristrami (O. Pickard- Cambridge, 1872)
Records: Fars (Roewer, 1955).
Xysticus luctousus (Blackwall,1836)*
Records: Fars (Roewer, 1955), Ardebil: Moghan, Fars: Estahban, Neyriz (Ghavami, 2005).

Nurscia albomaculata (Lucas,1846)*
Records: Tehran (Mozaffarian and Marusik, 2001).
Titanoeca turkmenia Wunderlich, 1995
Records: Mazandaran, (Wunderlich, 1995).
Titanoeca sp.
Records: Khorasan (Mozaffarian et al., 2004).

Octonoba yesoensis (S.Saito, 1934)
Records: Mazandaran (Brignoli, 1979).
Uloborus plumipes Lucas, 1846
Records: Fars (Brignoli, 1979).
Uloborus walckenaevius Latreille, 1806*
Records: Tehran, Khorram Abad (Goodarzi, 1994)

Records: Tehran, Eilam (Mozaffarian et al., 2004).


Study of Spiders is young in Iran. Therefore, the most species of spiders haven’t been identified. Two hundred and forty four species of spiders have recorded since 1859 to now. The most of species were reported belonged to Salticidae, Lycosidae, Araneidae and Thomisidae families (70, 30, 21 and 20 species, respectively) and the fewest species belonged to Atypidae, Cybaeidae, Metidae, Nemestidae, Palpimanidae. Pisauridae and Titanoecidae families (Table 1). Spiders were collected from gardens, fields, forests, plains and houses. Some species were collected on different crops (apple, cereal, citrus, cotton, olive, pomegranate and rice) (Table 2).

Table 1: Number of species, new species and new genera of spiders were recorded of Iran
*Families marked by asterisks are reported for the first time from Iran

Table 2: Spider species were collected on different crops
(+) Indicating the spider species were collected on different crops, (-) Indicating the spider species not found

They had high population in gardens and fields and they had important role in pest control. The number of species were similar to spider fauna in Azerbayjan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Mediterranean and the Near East But, spiders identification in these area and Iran is necessary to more study.


I wish to thank to Mr. Bahramishad, Khani and Beirami for their field assistance.

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