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Effect of Salinity on in vitro Trichoderma harzianum Antagonism Against Verticillium dahliae

Amina Regragui and Houria Lahlou
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This in vitro study led to test the sodium chloride tolerance of Trichoderma harzianum and to evaluate the impact of salinity on its antagonistic capacities, in order to use it as a biological agent controlling Verticillium wilt of tomato in Moroccan saline soils. Trichoderma harzianum tolerates the salinity for its mycelial growth but its sporulation is significantly reduced. The efficiency of the antagonistic modes of action of Trichoderma against Verticillium depends on the saline concentration used. Thus, the antagonism by competition is slightly affected by moderated salt concentrations (6 g L-1). The antagonism by antibiosis decreases with the increase of salt. The antagonistic compounds produced by Trichoderma in presence of 8 g L-1 NaCl concentration still reduce the pathogen growth but have no action on the abundance of microsclerotia. The in vitro antagonistic properties of T. harzianum obtained at low salt concentrations may be applied for the biological control of Verticillium wilt of tomato in Moroccan saline soils where levels of salinity are equivalent to salt concentrations favorable to Trichoderma antagonism.

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Amina Regragui and Houria Lahlou , 2005. Effect of Salinity on in vitro Trichoderma harzianum Antagonism Against Verticillium dahliae. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 8: 872-876.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2005.872.876


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