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Effect of Three Fungicides on Soil Microbial Activity and Nitrogen Dynamics

Refik Uyanoz , Ummuhan Cetin and Emel Karaarslan
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The objective of this investigation was to determine the effects of three fungicides on microbial activity and nitrogen dynamics of the soil. The effects of three fungicides, captan, quintozene, propamocarb hydrochloride on soil microbial activity (urease, catalase, net mineralization and soil respiration) were investigated in laboratory experiments. In each batch, incubation soil was treated with a fungicide at recommended field application rates and as a fould and incubated at 27°C for 40 days at a moisture level of field capacity. The fungicides inhibited net mineralization and nitrification at generally 4th and 8th days of incubation period. Soil respiration showed fluctuations with change in the dose and kind of the fungicide. Effect of the fungicides on catalase activity was not found statistically significant during incubation. Urease activity was significantly (p<0.05) affected from the fungicides.

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Refik Uyanoz , Ummuhan Cetin and Emel Karaarslan , 2005. Effect of Three Fungicides on Soil Microbial Activity and Nitrogen Dynamics. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 8: 805-809.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2005.805.809



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