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Morphometric Study of Fresh Water Bighead Carp Aristichthys nobilis from Pakistan in Relation to Body Size

Muhammad Naeem and Abdus Salam
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Eighty one Farmed Bighead Aristichthys nobilis of different body size ranging 8.80- 47.81 cm total length and 6.86-1766.0 g body weight were used for the analysis of morphometric variable of head length, head width, dorsal fin length, body girth, body depth, tail length and width in relation to total length and body weight of the fish to investigate allometric growth. It was observed that all these relations showed very high correlations. Slopes of the log transformed data were used to compare with an isometric slope, it was found that all the parameters examined showed isometric growth in relation to either total length or body weight, growth in weight is almost proportional to the cube of its length, the values of the slope which is not consistent with cube law. Regression parameters were found to be highly significant.

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Muhammad Naeem and Abdus Salam , 2005. Morphometric Study of Fresh Water Bighead Carp Aristichthys nobilis from Pakistan in Relation to Body Size. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 8: 759-762.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2005.759.762


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