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Research Article

Seed Diversity among Certain Species of Caryophyllaceae in Egypt

M.M. Zareh
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In the present study, data are used to re-asses the relationships between certain weed species of the family Caryophyllaceae in Egypt. Seed diversity of fourteen species belonging to five genera of the family Caryophyllaceae in Egypt were studied using light and scanning electron microscopy. These genera are Dianthus, Vaccaria, Silene, Stellaria and Spergula. Macromorphological criteria concerned with vegetative and reproductive organs were investigated. NTSYS-pc program was used for analyzing the data of seed and macromorphological characters. The taxonomic relationships between the studied taxa were discussed as well as SEM micrographs of seeds are provided.

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M.M. Zareh , 2005. Seed Diversity among Certain Species of Caryophyllaceae in Egypt. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 8: 714-720.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2005.714.720


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