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Adenomatous Lesion in a Pneumonic Lung of a Local Indigenous Saudi Goat

F.A. Al-Hizab and E.B. Abdelsalam
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Multiple foci of adenomatous proliferations of the bronchiolo-alveolar epithelium were incidentally detected in the lung of a relatively old female goat of a local breed suffering from acute fibrinous pleuropneumonia. The adenomatous foci were randomly embedded within the pneumonic portions of the lung without clear demarcation from the surrounding tissues. The alveoli in these foci were lined by proliferating cuboidal cells forming irregular folds and papillary projections resembling those observed in ovine pulmonary adenomatosis or jaagseikete. However, this particular lesion was not grossly detected and apparently masked by focal adhesions with extensive consolidation and necrotic alterations on the lung parenchyma. Although pulmonary adenomatosis has not yet been reported in the Saudi Kingdom but the present observation may well provide a preliminary view on the possible existence of the disease.

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F.A. Al-Hizab and E.B. Abdelsalam , 2005. Adenomatous Lesion in a Pneumonic Lung of a Local Indigenous Saudi Goat. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 8: 542-545.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2005.542.545


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