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Seasonal Variation of the Proximate Composition of Freshwater Gobi,Glossogobius giuris (Hamilton) from the River Padma

M. Nazrul Islam and M. Abdur Razzaq Joadder
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The proximate composition and seasonal variation in proteins, lipid, ash and related substances of freshwater gobi, Glossogobius giuris (Hamilton) were recorded. The results indicated that the proximate composition of the fish depends on season but also to a great extent in reaction to sex and reproductive cycle. The results also showed that G. giuris is a `low fat-high protein` fish. The highest amount was moisture content followed by protein, ash, lipid and carbohydrate. The female fish contained more moisture and lipid than those of the male fish (female>male) except protein and carbohydrate in male fish (male>female).

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M. Nazrul Islam and M. Abdur Razzaq Joadder , 2005. Seasonal Variation of the Proximate Composition of Freshwater Gobi,Glossogobius giuris (Hamilton) from the River Padma. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 8: 532-536.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2005.532.536


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