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A Study on the Effect of Two Different Housing System on Performances of Holstein Calves

Serap Goncu Karakok , Gokhan Gokce and Mucella Saler
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In this study, it has been aimed that, the effect of group versus individual housing system on holstein female calves performances. Twenty-five female calves were reared under two types of housing (individual, I and group, G). The calves were randomly distributed in the two groups on the basis of their birth weight. There were three groups, each of groups of five calves was housed in three separate group pens (5.88 x 5.20 cm) with feeding and watering facilities. The calves were fed with colostrum for first 3 days before allotting to standard milk feeding schedules of the farm Ad libitum Calf starter and alfaalfa hay was introduced from the first week and was continued till the end of the experiment (10 weeks). The meanĀ±SEM BW of calves at birth and weaning 32.07±0.621 kg and 68.53±1.561 for group housed calves and 32.60±0.819 and 67.00±1.534 kg for individually housed calves (NS). There were no differences between the groups aspect of weight during the experiment. The calves were housed as a group consumed more starter during the experimental periods; however these differences were non-significant statistically.

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Serap Goncu Karakok , Gokhan Gokce and Mucella Saler , 2005. A Study on the Effect of Two Different Housing System on Performances of Holstein Calves. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 8: 1439-1442.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2005.1439.1442


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