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Molecular Characterization of Verticillium dahliae Isolates in Southern Turkey

S. Dervis , S. Kurt and M. Bicici
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PCR products amplified from genomic DNA of the 21 pathogenic V. dahliae isolates from both different provinces and Vegetative Compatibility Groups (VCGs) were characterized by RAPD analysis. Of 20 primers tested, five primers produced polymorphic amplification patterns. Phylogenetic analysis indicated two distinct clusters. The first cluster contained 8 isolates belonging to VCG2B and one isolate belonging to VCG4B. The second cluster contained 8 isolates belonging to VCG2A and one isolate belonging to VCG2B of V. dahliae. RAPD-PCR analysis was mostly suitable to differentiate V. dahliae isolates based on VCGs or subgroups. Because all VCG2B isolates from cotton except one were identified as members of cluster one and all VCG2A isolates belonged to the second cluster. Supporting this conclusion, one isolate belonging to VCG4B and the Heterokaryon Self-incompatible (HSI) isolate, never included in both clusters.

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S. Dervis , S. Kurt and M. Bicici , 2005. Molecular Characterization of Verticillium dahliae Isolates in Southern Turkey. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 8: 1233-1236.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2005.1233.1236


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