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Phosphorus Recommendations for Various Soil Series of Pakistan in Relation to P Fixation Tendencies

E.H. Chaudhary , A.M. Ranjha , S.M. Mehdi , M.A. Zaka and M. Sarfraz
This study was conducted with the objective to improve the P fertilizer recommendation system by selecting procedure take care of initial P status of soil and P fixation tendencies. For this purpose, phosphorus fixation tendencies of six soils were ascertained by using P recovery after two hours and its P application. Initial recommendation was estimated based on fixation tendency and it was correlated with P fertilizer recommendation on eight weeks soil equilibration pot study. Regression equations relating fixation tendencies and eight weeks equilibration results were used to predict P requirement associated with maximum maize yield. The degree of association was high enough (r2 =0.98) between two sets of data obtained independently. The procedure is competent to be followed in routine fertilizer recommendations, as it is rapid, takes care of fixation tendency, initial soil status and permits values analogous to actual values achieved by eight weeks equilibration period.
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E.H. Chaudhary , A.M. Ranjha , S.M. Mehdi , M.A. Zaka and M. Sarfraz , 2004. Phosphorus Recommendations for Various Soil Series of Pakistan in Relation to P Fixation Tendencies . Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 7: 415-418.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2004.415.418


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