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Determination of Nutritional Value of Some Legume and Grasses

Canan Tuna , Levent Coskuntuna and Fisun Koc
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The aim of this study was to determine the nutritional value of legumes and grasses for productivity of livestock. Vicia sativa, Pisum arvense, Lathrus sativus, Vicia narbonensis, Dactylis glomerata, Chrysopogon gryllus and Festuca ovina were taken as plant materials from field and rangeland Koseilyas village Tekirdag, Turkey. The results of present examination showed large differences in nutritive value between grass and legumes. The nutritional value and digestibility of forages is related to stages of maturity at harvest, such as vegetative, heading and flowering. It was determined that grasses had lower concentration of CP but higher CF, DM, NDF and ADF concentration than legumes. The highest protein content was determined as 16.35% for Lathyrus sativus. Chrysopogon gryllus had the lowest content of protein (3.85%), but higher CF (39.17%), NDF(77.04%) and ADF(45.27%) values than other species. CF is negatively correlated to CP (r=-0.833) and positively correlated to ADF (r=0.972) and NDF (r=0.912). DM is positively correlated to CF (r=0.609), ADF (r=0.972), NDF (r=0.912) and negatively correlated to CP (r=-0.552).There are negative correlations between CP and ADF (r=-0.811) and NDF(r=-0.888) and positive correlated to ash (r=0.542). There are negative correlations between ash and NDF (r=-0.325), ADF (r=-0.439) and there are positive correlations between NDF and ADF (r=0.823).

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Canan Tuna , Levent Coskuntuna and Fisun Koc , 2004. Determination of Nutritional Value of Some Legume and Grasses. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 7: 1750-1753.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2004.1750.1753


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