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Do Egg Pods in the Desert Locust Schistocerca gregaria Display as Oogenesis Limiting Factor? IV-The Effects of Egg Pod Factors on Haemolymph Main Metabolties

M.A. Eid , S.A.S. El-Maasarawy , G. Elsayed , A.M. El-Gammal and G.A. Mohamed
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The haemolymph of treated ovipositing adult females treated with egg pod factors, was collected during the periods of vitellogenesis, oogenesis and egg laying, after 10, 17, 19 and 21 days of the adult life. The exposure of solitary and gregary adult females to contaminated ovipositing sites resulted in an obvious disturbance in the concentration of the haemolymph main metabolites during vitellogenesis and oogenesis. These results support the biological effects of the two extracts on hatching percentages. It could be attributed to the inhibitory action of the tested extracts on Juvenile hormone levels during these periods.

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M.A. Eid , S.A.S. El-Maasarawy , G. Elsayed , A.M. El-Gammal and G.A. Mohamed , 2004. Do Egg Pods in the Desert Locust Schistocerca gregaria Display as Oogenesis Limiting Factor? IV-The Effects of Egg Pod Factors on Haemolymph Main Metabolties. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 7: 1607-1612.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2004.1607.1612


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