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Effect of Urea Molasses Multinutrient Block on the Reproductive Performance of Indigenous Cows under the Village Condition of Bangladesh

M.A. Mazed, M.S. Islam , M.M. Rahman , M.A. Islam and M.A. Kadir
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In the present study urea molasses multinutrient blocks (UMMB) may be used as a catalytic feeding to the straw based diet of the indigenous cows for fertility. With that understanding, 49 indigenous post partum cows from 49 marginal village farmers of village-Boira were selected and a cake of 250 g/h/d UMMB was supplied with their usual feeding from date to calving to the date of confirmation of pregnancy. Cows were stall fed. Reproductive events of cows were recorded as when occurred. Milk progesterone was measured by using radio immuno assay (RIA) technique. Similarly, 49 cows were in control group in the same village. The results in control and UMMB group were-calving to 1st p4 (progesterone) rise (days) 104±52 and 103±37 (p>0.05); calving to first service (days) 194±68 and 130±64 (p<0.01); calving to conception (days) 199±72 and 162±73 (p>0.05) and subsequent calving interval (days) 480±73 and 443±70 (p>0.05), respectively. From the study, it may be concluded that UMMB has a positive effect on fertility of the local cows under the village condition of Bangladesh.

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M.A. Mazed, M.S. Islam , M.M. Rahman , M.A. Islam and M.A. Kadir , 2004. Effect of Urea Molasses Multinutrient Block on the Reproductive Performance of Indigenous Cows under the Village Condition of Bangladesh. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 7: 1257-1261.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2004.1257.1261



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