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Accumulation and Distribution of Ni63 by Maize Seedlings Grown in Labeled Soils Amended with Sludge

J. Nouri , P.J. Peterson and B.J. Alloway
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A study describing the accumulation of Ni63 in leaves of maize grown in various soil / sludge mixtures was conducted to evaluate the gross distribution and chemical forms of Ni63 following absorption and translocation. The study demonstrated the presence of anionic nickel complexes Ni63 in maize leaves indicating that nickel in plant may be species dependant. The electrophoresis results showed, Ni63 associated with chlorophyll. High levels of nickel concentration occurring after sludge application could contribute to the destruction of this pigment. With an increased incubation time Ni-Spiked soil and soil / sludge mixtures decreased. The nickel concentration, thus the amount of sludge present influences the uptake of inorganic nickel by plants. Greater sludge application may cause phytotoxic effects on crops, so that the concentration of nickel and phytotoxic heavy metals in sewage sludge should be monitored. The amount of nickel in the soil plant system was found to change with time as did the soluble nickel complexes in plants, which are of interest and importance to animal and human nutritionists.

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J. Nouri , P.J. Peterson and B.J. Alloway , 2002. Accumulation and Distribution of Ni63 by Maize Seedlings Grown in Labeled Soils Amended with Sludge. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 5: 135-142.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2002.135.142


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