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Enhancement of Podophyllotoxin Production by Biogenetic Precursors and Elicitors in Cell Suspension Cultures of Juniperus chinensis

Duangporn Premjet , Kazutaka Itoh and Sanro Tachibana
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Juniperus chinensis suspension cultures were conducted in Schenk and Hildebrandt medium. On addition of phenylalanine and coniferyl alcohol to the cultures, podophyllotoxin production was enhanced 2.6 and 6-folds compared with the control, respectively. Chito-oligosaccharides, chitopentaose and methyl jasmonate stimulated cells to produce podophyllotoxin at 5, 5.2 and 1.5 times the control level, respectively. The combination of two elicitors, chitopentaose and methyl jasmonate, markedly increased 15-folds relative to the control.

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Duangporn Premjet , Kazutaka Itoh and Sanro Tachibana , 2002. Enhancement of Podophyllotoxin Production by Biogenetic Precursors and Elicitors in Cell Suspension Cultures of Juniperus chinensis. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 5: 1267-1271.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2002.1267.1271


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