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Serine Protease Granzyme H Isolated from Lymph Nodes of Breast Cancer Patient

Rukhshan Khurshid
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Granzymes over expression is a market of Cytotoxic cell activation and should be further evaluated in patients with malignancies to delineate their potential value in predicting clinical outcome. Axillary lymph nodes contribute the main filter guarding against dissemination of breast disease. Granzyme H was isolated from lymph nodes by ammonium sulfate precipitation and technique of gel filtration chromatography.

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Rukhshan Khurshid , 2001. Serine Protease Granzyme H Isolated from Lymph Nodes of Breast Cancer Patient . Journal of Medical Sciences, 1: 8-10.

DOI: 10.3923/jms.2001.8.10



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