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A Study of the Some Growth Parameters of Barbel (Barbus plebejus ercisianus, Karaman, 1971) Living in the KoCkoprU Dam Lake Basin-Turkey

Mahmut Elp , Osman Cetinkaya , Ertu-rul Kankaya , Fazil Sen and Guler Unal
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This study was carried out to determine some growth parameters of barbel populations living in the KoCkoprU Dam Lake and its inlets between April 2000 and October 2001. The barbel species are shown a widespread distribution in Turkey. The species is native in study area, has economic value and is fished local fishermen. A total of 324 individuals were sampled. The maximum age of individuals was determined as VII, fork length was 33.8 cm and weight was 428.0 g. Females were found larger than males in size. Condition factor values were determined as 1.210 ± 0.009 for males, 1.266 ± 0.017 for females and 1.293 ± 0.030 for juveniles. In overall, condition factor of females was higher than males. Length-weight relationship was determined for whole samples as logW = -1.841+2.934 logL.

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Mahmut Elp , Osman Cetinkaya , Ertu-rul Kankaya , Fazil Sen and Guler Unal , 2006. A Study of the Some Growth Parameters of Barbel (Barbus plebejus ercisianus, Karaman, 1971) Living in the KoCkoprU Dam Lake Basin-Turkey. Journal of Biological Sciences, 6: 775-780.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2006.775.780



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