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Research Article

The Phenological Records on Eresus Cinnabarinus (Olivier, 1789) (Araneae: Eresidae)

Selda Kesmezoglu , Ismail Varol , Ersen Aydin Yagmur , Murat Kutuk and Mehmet Ozaslan
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In this study, maturing periods, hatching and bringing out eggs of Eresus cinnabarinus investigated. Eresus cinnabarinus is one of member of the palearctic that poisonous for people compared with the others. The laboratory investigations showed that the period of ovulation and hatching out of coccon was at the middle of June and August, respectively. Sub-adult individuals were lived two months and become adult after 16-18 months. In the observation, 382 individuals hatched out of the coccon and fed by Drosophila sp.

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Selda Kesmezoglu , Ismail Varol , Ersen Aydin Yagmur , Murat Kutuk and Mehmet Ozaslan , 2006. The Phenological Records on Eresus Cinnabarinus (Olivier, 1789) (Araneae: Eresidae) . Journal of Biological Sciences, 6: 631-634.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2006.631.634


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