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Effect of Micronutrients of Codium iyengarii on Metal Toxicity in Bean Plants

Rafia Azmat , Aliya Hayat , Tanveer Khanum , Rukhsana Talat and Fahim Uddin

Cd toxicity and problems with regards to tolerance, physiological processes and ecological significance with green seaweeds has been examined in this study. Seaweed Codium iyengarii belongs to chlorophyta which contains highest amount of essential mineral ions [Ca, Fe, K, Na and Mg] collected from Bullijee coastal area of Karachi coast, to control the toxicity of Cd metal in bean plant. Nutritive value and essential ions were determined by visible spectrophotometer, flame photometer and atomic absorption techniques. Microbial counts were determined by standard method. Results indicated that the biosorption of Cd by green seaweed Codium iyengarii was observed. Healthy growth of the plants were recorded up to 100 ppm of Cd concentration which improves in up taking of mineral ions from the soil into the roots and shoots of bean plant. It was observed that seaweed acts as a catalyst starter in soil irrigated with contaminated water. This water contains high percentages of heavy toxic metals that were toxic to the plant and harmful for its nutritive value. Codium iyengarii improves the morphology and physiological processes of plants also. Seaweeds help in the population of soil bacteria in heavy metal contaminated environment.

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Rafia Azmat , Aliya Hayat , Tanveer Khanum , Rukhsana Talat and Fahim Uddin , 2006. Effect of Micronutrients of Codium iyengarii on Metal Toxicity in Bean Plants. Journal of Biological Sciences, 6: 173-177.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2006.173.177


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