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Environmental Effect on Growth and Yield of Tomato

M.F. Hasan , B. Ahmed , M.A. Rahman , M.M. Alam and M.M.H. Khan
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The study was conducted to analyze the responses of two tomato varieties, BARI tomato-4 and BARI tomato-6 to different environments. The environment used in the experiment were no mulch or control (E0), straw mulch (E1), black polythene mulch (E2), water hyacinth mulch (E3) and am-ada leaf mulch (E4). There were significant influences of different mulches on the growth and yield of tomato. The height of plant, number of leaves, number of main roots, length of roots, fresh and dry weight of roots, number of flower and fruit clusters, number of fruits per plant, weight of fruits and fruit yield per hectare were significantly higher under the environment provided by black polythene mulch. There were also variations in yield contributing characters between the varieties. BARI tomato-6 produced higher yield (55.16 t ha 1) than BARI tomato-4 (51.8 t ha 1). Among the variety-environment combinations the highest yield (61.18 t ha 1) was produced by BARI tomato-6 under the environment of black polythene mulch. This combination also gave the best economic return (BCR = 4.52).

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M.F. Hasan , B. Ahmed , M.A. Rahman , M.M. Alam and M.M.H. Khan , 2005. Environmental Effect on Growth and Yield of Tomato. Journal of Biological Sciences, 5: 759-767.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2005.759.767


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