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Autoecological and Morphological Features of Astragalus stenosemioides D.F. Chamb and V.A. Matthews

Murat Ekici and Sezgin Celik
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Autoecological and conservation aspects of the Astragalus stenosemioides D.F. Chamb and V.A. Matthews are discussed by studying the morphological and palynological studies. A. stenosemioides is a threatened, very local endemic species to Erciyes Mountain. Erciyes Mountain (3917 m) is volcanic mountain in the inner Anatolia part of Turkey. The rocky type is andezit and volcanic tufa and the soil is andezit and tufa without limestone. For this reason Erciyes Mountain, is one of the important floristic areas in Turkey. With regards to genetic resources, this area is of major importance for in situ conservation of plant genetic diversity. The data gained from field studies were evaluated according to IUCN categories (Criteria B1 B2) and the Critically Endangered (CR) status has been proposed for the species. It was determined that it grows in three small areas in the mountain where A. stenosemioides populations are under heavy grazing stress.

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Murat Ekici and Sezgin Celik , 2005. Autoecological and Morphological Features of Astragalus stenosemioides D.F. Chamb and V.A. Matthews. Journal of Biological Sciences, 5: 553-557.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2005.553.557



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