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Influence of Ice Storage on the Gel Forming Ability, Myofibrillar Protein Solubility and Ca2+-ATPase Activity of Queen Fish (Chorinemus lysan)

M.I. Hossain , M. Kamal , M.N. Sakib , F.H. Shikha , M. Neazuddin and M.N. Islam
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An investigation was carried out on the quality changes in surimi prepared from ice stored Queen fish (Chorinemus lysan) in time interval during 20 days of storage in ice storage condition and the ratio of the fish to ice was maintained 1:1. Mince was prepared in both washed and unwashed condition. To evaluate the gel-forming characteristics, a portion of the mince was washed with water containing 0.1% NaCl. Both washed and unwashed mince were ground with 3% NaCl for 20 min at 4°C. The ground paste was stuffed into polyethylene tube and incubated at various temperatures (40, 50 and 60°C) for 2 h. The quality changes during ice storage of mince prepared from the ice stored fish muscle were evaluated with time interval by determining the gel-forming ability, myofibrillar Ca2+-ATPase activity, protein solubility and pH value of fish muscle. The resulting gels were subjected to the puncture test, teeth cutting test and folding test. Maximum breaking force was obtained from both washed and unwashed mince at the incubation temperature of 50°C. The gel strength of both unwashed and washed meat paste gradually declined with lapse of storage period and washed meat paste showed higher gel forming ability than unwashed meat paste throughout the study period. Myofibrillar Ca2+-ATPase activity, protein solubility and pH of the ice stored muscles decreased from 0.847 to 0.309 μmol pi min 1 mg 1, 87 to 12% and 6.69 to 5.89, respectively, during 20 days of ice storage.

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M.I. Hossain , M. Kamal , M.N. Sakib , F.H. Shikha , M. Neazuddin and M.N. Islam , 2005. Influence of Ice Storage on the Gel Forming Ability, Myofibrillar Protein Solubility and Ca2+-ATPase Activity of Queen Fish (Chorinemus lysan). Journal of Biological Sciences, 5: 519-524.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2005.519.524



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