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Removal of Pathogenic Organisms from the Effluent of a Activated Sludge System Using Maturation Pond

M.B. Miranzadeh

A maturation pond with 10 day hydraulic retention time was monitored to observe its ability to remove pathogenic organisms from the effluent of a activated sludge system. The activated sludge system received raw sewage from the Medical Sciences University. The effluent of activated sludge system had a very high concentration of fecal coliform and intestinal nematode eggs which were higher than recommended values by WHO. This effluent is not suitable for unrestricted irrigation. No intestinal nematode eggs were recovered in the pond effluent, making it suitable for unrestricted irrigation. The average of fecal coliform in pond effluent during the six month monitoring were 587 number per 100 mL which was compatible with WHO guidelines. The maturation pond with a retention time of 10 day, is an efficient treatment alternative to chlorine disinfection after activated sludge system.

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M.B. Miranzadeh , 2005. Removal of Pathogenic Organisms from the Effluent of a Activated Sludge System Using Maturation Pond. Journal of Biological Sciences, 5: 230-232.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2005.230.232


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