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Physiological and Biochemical Alterations Induced by Subchronic Administration of Deltamethrin can be Possibly Corrected by Zinc Supplementation in Male Albino Rat

Emad El-Zayat , Manal El-Halwagy and Mohamed Farid

The present study was conducted aiming to evaluate the possible effect of zinc supplementation as potent antioxidant in counteracting some of the physiological and biochemical alterations induced by subchronic administration of deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid. Deltamethrin (DM) was injected in two doses in male albino rats in presence or absence of zinc. Many physiological and biochemical alteration have been induced by deltamethrin intoxication. Zinc supplementation proved a considerable ability to overcome some but not all of these alterations. The present investigation has also proved the possibility of using the isozyme electrophoretic patterns in testing for xenobiotic intoxication. The rate of gene expression of ALP2 and ALP3 isozymes, but not of ALP1 are stimulated by DM intoxication. In case of ALP3 the rate of gene expression seemed to be dose-dependent.

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Emad El-Zayat , Manal El-Halwagy and Mohamed Farid , 2005. Physiological and Biochemical Alterations Induced by Subchronic Administration of Deltamethrin can be Possibly Corrected by Zinc Supplementation in Male Albino Rat. Journal of Biological Sciences, 5: 211-221.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2005.211.221


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