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Response of Cotton to Atonik and TIBA for Growth, Enzymes and Yield

M. Djanaguiraman , J. Annie Sheeba , D. Durga Devi and U. Bangarusamy

A field experiment was conducted in cotton during 2002-2003, in the experimental field of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, to study the response of cotton plant to Atonik (a nitrophenolic compound) and TIBA in combination and as individual treatment. The plants were sprayed with Atonik and TIBA at 0.25% and 100 ppm during flowering and boll set stages. The results revealed that application of Atonik increased the growth parameters viz., plant height and leaf area, while TIBA reduced it. In combination the effect of TIBA on morphological characters has been reverted by Atonik spray. Catalase, peroxidase and superoxide dismutase enzyme activity were increased by Atonik spray, whereas TIBA decreased the enzyme activity. The treatment combination of Atonik and TIBA resulted in a better performance than control. Both TIBA and Atonik increased the yield per plant over control. The yield increase was mainly due to increase in more number of bolls per plant.

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M. Djanaguiraman , J. Annie Sheeba , D. Durga Devi and U. Bangarusamy , 2005. Response of Cotton to Atonik and TIBA for Growth, Enzymes and Yield. Journal of Biological Sciences, 5: 158-162.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2005.158.162


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