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Pharmacokinetics of Amoxycillin in Camel

Mohammed H. Al-Nazawi

The disposition of amoxycillun following intravenous (IV) and oral administration in camel was studied. The kinetic behavior of the drug was best described by two compartment open model. The half-life of distribution was 3.6±0.36 min for IV and 15.3±1.9 min for oral dosing. The half-life of elimination was 69.3±2.6 min for IV and 80.0±3.4 min for oral dosing. The mean peak plasma concentration after oral administration was 2.11±8.3 μg mL-1 detected at 2 h after drug administration and the bioavailability was 23.3%.

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Mohammed H. Al-Nazawi , 2005. Pharmacokinetics of Amoxycillin in Camel. Journal of Biological Sciences, 5: 149-152.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2005.149.152


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