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Isolation a Lizard Leishmania promastigote from its Natural Host in Iran

B. Kazemi , GH. Tahvildar-Bideroni , SR. Hashemi Feshareki and E. Javadian

This study was done to assess a lizard Leishmania promastigote from natural host in Iran. From different species of lizards, 144 lizards have been captured from Tehran and the provinces of Semnan, Isfahan and Golestan in Iran. Sixty one lizards have been tested by heart blood culture on NNN medium and thick and thin blood smears by light microscope. Leishmania promastigote forms have been detected in 3 blood smears and amastigote forms have been found in 10 cases. Then the promastigote forms of isolated parasite have been grown on NNN medium.

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B. Kazemi , GH. Tahvildar-Bideroni , SR. Hashemi Feshareki and E. Javadian , 2004. Isolation a Lizard Leishmania promastigote from its Natural Host in Iran. Journal of Biological Sciences, 4: 620-623.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2004.620.623


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