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Testing Some Various Botanical Powders for Protection of Wheat Grain Against Trogoderma granarium Everts

Nadra H. Al-Moajel

Powders prepared from parts of 11 different plant species were tested for their effectiveness on Trogoderma granarium adults and larvae reared on wheat grains under laboratory conditions. Capsicum frutescens caused highest (77-85%) and significant (F = 54.40) mortality of T. granarium adults at all concentrations within 7 days, followed by Lawsania inermis at all concentrations (73-78%) (F= 42.65), Allium ascalonicum at 2 , 6% concentrations (62-75%) (F=27.56), Mesua ferrea at all concentrations (60-65%) (F=17.12) and Raphanus sativus at 6% concentration (62%) (F=4.29), while control mortality averaged 42%. The other powders did not consistently differ from the control. The significant reduction in F1 progeny at 6% concentration of plant materials was in the order: R. sativus (70.6%) > Carthamus tinctorius (67.7%) > C. frutescens (58.9%) > A. ascalonicum (52.9%) > L. inermis (47.1%). On the other hand progeny emergence was significantly higher in Acacia farnesiana, Albizzia lebbeck and Delonix regia. A significant mortality of T. granarium larvae was observed at all concentrations (2, 4 and 6%) of C. tinctorius, L. inermis and Allium cepa treatments at 4 and 6% concentrations of D. regia and at 6% of C. frutescens and M. ferrea treatments. No significant effect was observed in Eruca sativa on adult mortality, larvae mortality and F1 progeny of treated adults. Thus C. frutescens and L. inermis had significant effect on mortality of adults and larvae and significantly reduced F1 progeny.

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Nadra H. Al-Moajel , 2004. Testing Some Various Botanical Powders for Protection of Wheat Grain Against Trogoderma granarium Everts. Journal of Biological Sciences, 4: 592-597.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2004.592.597


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