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Effect of Inorganic Fertilizers on the Initial Growth Performance of Michelia champaca Linn. Seedlings in the Nursery

A.T.M.R. Hoque , M.K. Hossain , M. Mohiuddin and M.M. Hoque

The study describes the effect of 2 commonly used inorganic fertilizers (Urea and TSP) on Michelia champaca Linn. seedlings in the nursery of the Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh with a view to standardize an optimum doze of inorganic fertilizers for raising quality seedlings. There were combinations of 16 treatments including a control one (NoPo). Seedlings were supplied 0, 50, 77 and 175 kg ha-1 of N and P of each in solution form in all possible combinations. Seedlings were evaluated for 22 weeks (150 days) in the nursery. Seedling mortality along with different growth parameters was measured. Different growth variables were also calculated. The fertilization that seedling growth was in general markedly better for fertilized one in comparison to the control one. Nitrogen additions significantly promoting the collar dia. increment and total dry matter production of seedlings experimented. Seedling mortality was not noticed. The  study suggested that application of nitrogen and phosphorus (77 kg N ha-1+ 77 kg P ha-1) on this type of soil (forest top soil collected from Chittagong University Campus) is necessary to boost the diameter and total dry matter production of M. champaca seedlings.

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A.T.M.R. Hoque , M.K. Hossain , M. Mohiuddin and M.M. Hoque , 2004. Effect of Inorganic Fertilizers on the Initial Growth Performance of Michelia champaca Linn. Seedlings in the Nursery. Journal of Biological Sciences, 4: 489-497.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2004.489.497


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