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Studies on Fillet Composition of Fresh Water Farmed Labeo rohita in Relation to Body Size, Collected from Government Fish Seed Hatchery Mian Channu Pakistan

Muhammad Ali , Abdus Salam , Saima Goher , Kamran Tassaduqe and Muhammad Latif
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The present study was carried out to investigate the fillet composition of fresh water farmed Labeo rohita in relation to body size. For this purpose forty-five specimens ranged in total length from 15.6 to 31.5 cm and in weight from 36.82 to 350.17 g were collected from Government Fish Seed Hatchery Mian Channu during November 2001. After the removal of head, scales, fins and viscera, the remaining trunk (processing yield) was cut into fore, mid and hind fillets. Each fillet was dried and powdered for the analysis of dry mass, water mass, ash content, organic content (all on percentage basis). There was a good correlation between water content (%) and other constituents (% ash, % organic mass) of the processing yield. Body mass and total length significantly affect the processing yield and nutrient constituents. Equations were developed to describe the relationships between body constituents and body mass and length. ANOVA was applied to assess the difference among the body composition parameters. Significant differences were found in these fillets, which indicates the quantitative and qualitative nature of fillets for nutritive purposes.

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Muhammad Ali , Abdus Salam , Saima Goher , Kamran Tassaduqe and Muhammad Latif , 2004. Studies on Fillet Composition of Fresh Water Farmed Labeo rohita in Relation to Body Size, Collected from Government Fish Seed Hatchery Mian Channu Pakistan . Journal of Biological Sciences, 4: 40-46.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2004.40.46



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