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Available Feeds and the Quantities Fed to the Large Ruminants in Different Areas of Bangladesh

M.M. Zaman , M.M. Rahman , M.R. Islam , M.K. Hossain and K.A. Khan

Feeds and fodder and the quantities fed to large ruminants (cattle and buffalo) in eight different areas of Bangladesh involving 96 farmers were recorded for a year from January 1988 to 1989. Roughage like straw naturally available seasonal green grass and weds, tree leaves, water hyacinth, legumes and sugarcane tops were the major feeds offered to the animal by a bigger proportion of farmers in the study areas. It was found that amount varied (P<0.01) from area to area. The overall consumption of straw, green grass, leaves, legumes and sugarcane tops per day and head were 1.9+2.6, 5.1+4.9, 0.3+2.0, 0.1+1.0 and 0.01+0.07 kg respectively. By product concentrates, mostly rice bran, wheat bran and different oil cakes were offered to the animals in the studied areas. However, the amounts offered also varied (P<0.01) from area to area. Consumption of as fed rice bran, wheat bran and oil cakes were 0.5+0.7, 0.03+0.1 and 0.01+0.03 kg, respectively. The means and standard deviation indicate a wide range of variations in the amounts of roughage and concentrates offered. Furthermore assignment was the not systematic due to the availability of foodstuffs, lack of knowledge of farmers and consequences of the inefficient utilization of available feed resources. In addition to feeding roughage and concentrates, farmers graded their animals 6.2 h on an average a day. Grazing also varied (P<0.01) with different areas. It is thus concluded that feeds and feeding and the assignment amount of roughage and concentrates to the large ruminants are very poor practices of large ruminants exercised in Bangladesh. The assignment amounts are however, not upto the requirement of animals. Feeding animals should be improved by exploring the unconventional feeds of those areas and also by the best management and utilization of available resources. Farmer·s knowledge about feeding practices of animals should also be improved to increase animal production in Bangladesh through proper research extension linkages.

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M.M. Zaman , M.M. Rahman , M.R. Islam , M.K. Hossain and K.A. Khan , 2003. Available Feeds and the Quantities Fed to the Large Ruminants in Different Areas of Bangladesh. Journal of Biological Sciences, 3: 898-902.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2003.898.902


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