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Comparative Studies on the Reproductive Efficiency of Imported and Local Born Friesian Cows in Pakistan

Amir Ahmed Khan Niazi and M.Aleem
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Reproductive efficiency is the measure of the ability of a cow to become pregnant and produce viable offsprings. The comparative reproductive efficiency of 50 each imported and local born Friesian cows at Bhunikey (Pattoki), Harichand (Charsada) and Quetta (Baluchistan) was studied. It was concluded that age at first calving differed significantly at different locations (P<0.05) for imported and local born cows. The services per conception at Bhunikey and Quetta did not differ significantly for imported and local born but these differed significantly from imported and local born of Harichand. The service period of imported and local born cows at Bhunikey was significantly longer (P<0.05) than cows at Harichand and Quetta did not vary significantly in imported and local born except Harichand. There was no significant difference in milk yield of imported and local born cows at Quetta. However, at Bhunikey and Harichand, imported cows produced significantly (P<0.05) more milk than their progeny and all these classes produced significantly more milk than imported and local born at Quetta.Calving interval of imported and local born cows at Bhunikey was significantly longer (P<0.05) than the Harichand and Quetta but did not differ significantly for imported and local born cows. Mean dry period for imported and local born at Bhunikey is significantly (P<0.05) longer than that of Harichand and Quetta, but there was no significant difference between the imported and local born at different locations.

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Amir Ahmed Khan Niazi and M.Aleem , 2003. Comparative Studies on the Reproductive Efficiency of Imported and Local Born Friesian Cows in Pakistan. Journal of Biological Sciences, 3: 388-395.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2003.388.395



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