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Agromelioration of Saline Sodic Soils

M. Anwar Zaka , Fakhar Mujeeb , Ghulam Sarwar , N.M. Hassan and G. Hassan

Agromelioration is the approach for reclamation of salt-affected soils in which minimum possible quantity of chemical amendments is applied coupled with organic material/agronomic practices. A field study was conducted to reclaim saline sodic soil through the application of gypsum @ 25 % G.R. alone and in combination with FYM, rice straw, sesbania @ 10 t ha G 1 and crust scraping. A standard treatment of 100 % G.R. was also included. Rice and wheat crops were grown in rotation for two years. Crops were harvested at maturity and soil status was monitored after the harvest of each crop. The rice straw and sesbania coupled with 25 % of G.R. were found to be superior to other treatments but were comparable with 100 % G.R. as far paddy yield of first rice crop was concerned. But in the subsequent wheat, the treatment of 100 % G.R. became inferior. However, the effect of FYM improved. The other treatments where organic matter (rice straw, FYM and sesbania) was applied along with 25 % G.R. became similar with 100 % G.R. at the end of 4th crop in terms of yields. The crust scrapping and gypsum @ 25 % G.R. alone were assessed as inferior techniques. Soil analysis also followed the same trends. The EC of the soil rapidly decreased due to light textured soil but the reduction in soil pH and SAR was gradual.

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M. Anwar Zaka , Fakhar Mujeeb , Ghulam Sarwar , N.M. Hassan and G. Hassan , 2003. Agromelioration of Saline Sodic Soils. Journal of Biological Sciences, 3: 329-334.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2003.329.334


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