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Biodisposition Kinetics of Ofloxacin in Pakistani Healthy Female Volunteers after Oral Administration

Amjad Hameed , Faiz Batool , Tahira Iqbal , Tayyba Tabassum Baig and Javed Anver Qureshi

This study was based on biodisposition kinetics of ofloxacin in Pakistani healthy female volunteers after oral administration. Ten healthy female volunteers were included in this study. The blood samples of each volunteer were collected after oral administration of ofloxacin. The concentration of ofloxacin in blood samples was measured by microbiological assay. The mean (SE) values of time to peak (tmax), peak concentration (Cmax), absorption half life (t1/2α), absorption rate constant (ka), elimination half life (t1/2), elimination rate constant (K10β), were 1.012 ± 0.176 h, 0.907 ± 0.126 μg ml-1, 0.516? 0.093h, 13.593?2.936L h-1, 2.996 ± 0.567h and 0.291 ± 0.693 L h-1 respectively. The mean (SE) values for area under curve (AUC), clearance (CL), volume of distribution (Vd) and mean resident time (MRT) were 4.358 ± 0.771 1itter, 53.470 ± 11.068 l h-1, 214.41?49.127 litter and 5.030 ± 0.705 h respectively. Values of parameters like, volume of distribution, total body clearance and absorption rate constant were higher, while elimination half life, AUC, Cmax, and tmax were lower in local population as compared with foreign studies. There was no influence of body surface area on total body clearance of ofloxacin (R2=0.0581). There was an increase in body clearance of ofloxacin (R2=0.2236) and area under curve (AUC) for ofloxacin (R2=0.258) with increasing body surface are of volunteers. Therefore body surface area of volunteers may slightly influence the total body clearance and area under curve for ofloxacin. These gender-related differences mainly low body weight and surface area in females may warrant dosage adjustments.

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Amjad Hameed , Faiz Batool , Tahira Iqbal , Tayyba Tabassum Baig and Javed Anver Qureshi , 2002. Biodisposition Kinetics of Ofloxacin in Pakistani Healthy Female Volunteers after Oral Administration. Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 775-779.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2002.775.779


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