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Mitochondrial 16S and 12S rRNA/tRNA-Val Gene Analysis in Tiger Barbs (Puntius tetrazona)

K.S. Norazila and I. Patimah
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Sequence analysis of the mitochondrial 16S rRNA and 12S rRNA genes have been used for molecular taxonomy in many fishes. Three varieties (normal, green and yellow) of tiger barb were sampled to identify the genetic polymorphism using the mtDNA study. In this study, a 620 and 730 bp hyper variable region of the partial mitochondrial 16S rRNA and 12S rRNA/tRNA-Val gene have been analyzed. Sequence analysis of these genes were applied to indicate the arrangement patterns between these varieties and the sequence was found to be usually A + T rich. The nucleotide composition indicates that the green variety, in contrast with that of normal and yellow varieties. The analysis of the gene sequences revealed a degree of similarity between normal, green and yellow with the percent in range of 15 to 73. The phylogenetic tree was constructed with these sequences. Normal and yellow variety was closer than the green variety with the genetic distance in range of 0.17 to 0.35.

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K.S. Norazila and I. Patimah , 2002. Mitochondrial 16S and 12S rRNA/tRNA-Val Gene Analysis in Tiger Barbs (Puntius tetrazona) . Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 754-756.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2002.754.756


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