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Genetic Diversity Among Irrigated Traditional and Modern Rice Germplasm

Khaleda Akter , M.K. Bashar , K.M. Iftekharuddaula , M.S. Ahmed and E.S.M.H. Rashid

Forty five rice genotypes originating from Bangladesh, IRRI (Philippines), Japan and China were evaluated under irrigated ecosystem with a view to finding out genetic divergence for 10 characters including yield. The genotypes were constellated into five distinct groups with the range of three genotypes in cluster V and 16 genotypes in cluster III. The inter-cluster distances were larger than the intra-cluster distances in all cases except in cluster III, suggesting wider genetic diversity among the genotypes of different groups. The intra- cluster distance was highest in cluster III and least in cluster V. Maximum inter- cluster distance was observed between genotypes of cluster I and II followed by cluster I and III; II and IV; III and IV and the minimum was found between genotypes of cluster II and III. Plant height, grains/panicle and yield/hill were mainly responsible for genetic divergence while considering mean values. Though grains/panicle, days to flowering and grain length were positive contributors to genetic diversity based on the latent vectors. Clusters with small intra-cluster distances were considered less diverse than those with large distances. The mean yield, grains/panicle, plant height and days to flowering was lowest in cluster I and therefore, crosses involving the genotypes from this cluster with those from cluster II and III may exhibit high heterosis for earliness and grains/panicle. Crosses could also be made between clusters IV with that of II and III for evolving high yielding and early maturing varieties. Closer affinity of Bangladeshi traditional varieties was observed though some of them were in different clusters. Most of the breeding lines were included in cluster III indicating homogeneity in their pedigree.

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Khaleda Akter , M.K. Bashar , K.M. Iftekharuddaula , M.S. Ahmed and E.S.M.H. Rashid , 2002. Genetic Diversity Among Irrigated Traditional and Modern Rice Germplasm . Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 659-661.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2002.659.661


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