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Effect of Ascaridia galli Infestation on Electrolytes and Vitamins in Chickens

Haseeb Anwar and Zia-ur-Rahman

Worm establishment in the intestine of chickens exposed to singly or multiple infection of Ascaridia galli has been used as the main criteria for judging the immune status to infections with nematodes. The change in the permeability of intestine may affect the availability of nutrients. One hundred one-day-old white leg horn chicks were reared for 28 days. Then two groups of 50 chicks each were made. Group I was kept uninfected (control) and group II was orally infested with 350 embryonated eggs of Ascaridia galli in gelatin capsule. After slaughtering the birds at 7,14, 21 and 40 days serum and liver samples were collected for the establishment of electrolytes and vitamin from each group. No significant different were observed in body weight and in the concentration of vitamin A and carotenoids of serum and liver at 7 and 14 days but theses values decrease significantly at day 21 and 40 in infected group. These changes attributed to the damage of intestinal wall and thus have decreased absorption of electrolytes and vitamins.

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Haseeb Anwar and Zia-ur-Rahman , 2002. Effect of Ascaridia galli Infestation on Electrolytes and Vitamins in Chickens . Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 650-651.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2002.650.651


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