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Yield Components, Morphology and Forage Quality of Native Alfalfa Ecotypes

Suleyman Sengul

Twelve native alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) land races material from Van provinces in Turkey for 10-30 years in the same field in Turkey were investigated in this study. Seed used in this experiment are Adiguzel-2, Ahlat-3, Alakoy, Cayirbasi , Dilburnu, Ercis-3, Gulgoren, Gulsinberk, Hidirkoy-2, Kasumoglu-2, Mahmudiye, Otluca ecotypes and Kayseri population (as a check). Seeds planted in September 1999 and greenhouse for shoots measurements before flowering period. Plants harvested early flowering period. The result taken from this experiment clearly showed that there could be variation in yielding and chemical composition. There are significant differences in plant height, stem number, stem size, internode number, internode length, leaf area, leaflet length, dry matter yield, crude cellulose, crude protein, P, K, Ca and Mg rate and total non structural carbohydrates content (P<0.05). The longest stem was measured with Mahmudiye ecotypes (94.1 cm) besides 43.4 stem per plant observed with Kas mo lu ecotypes. Erect form of Cayirbasi ecotypes had the longest leaflet size (29.28 mm). The differences could be seen most clearly in crude cellulose Erci -3 ecotype had the lowest CC (194.2 g kg -1)). On the other hand promising ecotypes were Cayirbasi , Kasimoglu-2, Gulgoren, and Hidirkoy as a high yielding 37.7, 36.8, 35.4, and 33.1 g per plant respectively. Variation among alfalfas from this region may be especially valuable to conserve and utilize these germplazm resources.

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Suleyman Sengul , 2002. Yield Components, Morphology and Forage Quality of Native Alfalfa Ecotypes. Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 494-498.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2002.494.498


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