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Quality Evaluation of Jute Seeds Collected from Different Sources

A. F. Mollah , M. M. Haque , S.M. M. Ali , A.T.M.M. Alam , A.B. Siddique and M.G. Mostofa

Laboratory experiments were carried out to assess the quality of jute seeds collected from two different seed sources viz. Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (BJRI) while the other was farmer`s seed. Each source consisted of two species, namely Corchorus olitorius and Corchorus capsularis. Two varieties of olitorius viz. O-9897 and O-4 and two varieties of capsularis viz. CVL-1 and CVE-3 were included in the experiments. Quality of jute seed was better in BJRI source than farmer`s source. Quality of farmer`s seeds deteriorated mostly during processing and storing period. Poor quality of farmer`s seed was associated with higher content of inert matter and higher initial moisture content. Higher initial moisture content subsequently reduced germination and vigour of farmer`s seed. Due to accelerated ageing, olitorius seed deteriorated completely by three days and capsularis seed by seven days. Earlier deterioration of olitorius seed indicated its more vulnerability to poor storage environment. The varietal difference with in species was not remarkable in quality of jute seed.

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A. F. Mollah , M. M. Haque , S.M. M. Ali , A.T.M.M. Alam , A.B. Siddique and M.G. Mostofa , 2002. Quality Evaluation of Jute Seeds Collected from Different Sources . Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 477-480.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2002.477.480


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