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Nutritional Status of Citrus Orchards in Sahiwal District

A.M. Ranjha , M. Akram , S.M. Mehdi , M. Sadiq , M. Sarfraz and G. Hassan
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A total of 100 soil and 75 plant samples were collected for determination of nutritional status of citrus orchards in Sahiwal. The results showed that 8% soil samples were deficient in N, 4% in P, no one in K, 100% in Zn and no one in Cu, Fe and Mn. The extent of nutrients belonging to low category has been found as 88% in N, 56% in P, no one in K, 84% in Cu and no one in Fe and Mn. In sufficiency range, 4% soil samples were sufficient in N, 24% in P, 64% in K, 16% in Cu and 100% in Fe and Mn contents. Among high range of nutrients only 16% soil samples in P and 35% in K were found. In case of leaf samples, 40% were deficient in N, 28% in Zn, no one in P, K, Fe, Cu and Mn while 24% were low in N, 60% in K, 68% in Zn and no one in P, Cu, Fe and Mn and 32% were sufficient in N, 68% in P, 40% in K, 4% in Zn, 100% in Cu, Fe and Mn contents while 4% were high in N and 32% in P. Soil pH had a non significant negative correlation with leaf N, P, K, Zn, Fe and Mn and nonsignificant positive correlation with Cu. Soil organic matter had a highly significant positive correlation with leaf N and nonsignificant negative correlation with K, Cu and Mn and non significant positive correlation with P, Ca+Mg, Zn and Fe contents. Clay contents had a significant positive correlation with K and non-significant positive correlation with P, Ca+Mg, Zn and negative correlation with N, Cu, Fe and Mn but non significantly. A positive significant correlation was also found between soil N, Ca+Mg, Fe content and leaf N, Ca+Mg and soil P, K, Zn and Mn also had positive correlation with leaf P, K, Zn and Mn but non significantly. Soil Cu had negative correlation with leaf Cu but non-significantly.

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A.M. Ranjha , M. Akram , S.M. Mehdi , M. Sadiq , M. Sarfraz and G. Hassan , 2002. Nutritional Status of Citrus Orchards in Sahiwal District . Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 453-458.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2002.453.458


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