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Comparison of Induced Effect of Pyrethroid (Cypermethrin) with Organophosphate (Malathion) on GOT and GPT in Liver, Kidney and Brain of Calotes versicolor Daudin (Agamidae: Reptilia)

Muhammad Zaheer Khan and Farina Fatima

Experiments were carried out to find the induced effect of pyrethroid (cypermethrin) and organophosphate (malathion) was observed on GOT and GPT of Calotes versicolor Daudin. Two different concentrations 0.1 and 1% were used. In the surviving lizards GOT and GPT activities were estimated, in liver, kidney and brain. These activities were decrease of GOT upto 33 and 37% in liver, 23 and 66% in kidney and 38 and 61% in brain under the effect of cypermethrin. In the case of malathion the decrease of GOT activity was found as 26 and 33% in liver, 30 and 44% in kidney and 28 and 46% in brain. Under the effect of cypermethrin an average decrease in GPT upto 23 and 31% in liver, 26 and 42% in kidney and 2.47 and 11% in brain, while under the treatment of malathion the decrease of GPT activity was found as 21 and 23% in liver, 25 and 27% in kidney and 11 and 20% in brain, respectively.

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Muhammad Zaheer Khan and Farina Fatima , 2002. Comparison of Induced Effect of Pyrethroid (Cypermethrin) with Organophosphate (Malathion) on GOT and GPT in Liver, Kidney and Brain of Calotes versicolor Daudin (Agamidae: Reptilia). Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 408-410.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2002.408.410


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