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Water Saving Techniques Through Improved Water Distribution System in Deep Tubewell Area of Bangladesh

M. Maniruzzaman , M. M. Alam , F. I. M. Golam Wahed Sarker , M. T. Islam and M. N. Islam
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This study was undertaken at two locations in the central part of Bangladesh to assess the performance of PVC and plastic pipe water distribution system for command area development and irrigation time saving by minimizing water losses. In the system, total discharge from deep tubewell (DTW) was diverted to two or three directions by using PVC and plastic pipe of different lengths and diameters. Technical and economic feasibility of the system were also evaluated. The conveyance loss was 2.80 to 9.50% in PVC and plastic pipe whereas in earthen channel it varied from 30 to 33% in silty-clay loam soil, which indicates that on an average 83% water can be saved by improved pipe distribution system. The maximum pressure head in two-way flow condition was 4.25 m. The total head of DTW developed due to the pipe distribution system was 16.52 m at the peak irrigation period, which was below the limit of the total head of the DTW and did not create any problem on pump unit. The motor speed varied from 1490-1500 rpm in two-way or three-way flow conditions, which did not create any back-pressure on pump. By introducing the pipe distribution system about 37 to 41% command area was increased in both locations. The BCR of the pipe irrigation system varied from 2.74 to 1.43 on the basis of 15 to 45% discount rates. The partial pipe distribution system in DTW area was highly economical considering the BCR and IRR analysis.

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M. Maniruzzaman , M. M. Alam , F. I. M. Golam Wahed Sarker , M. T. Islam and M. N. Islam , 2002. Water Saving Techniques Through Improved Water Distribution System in Deep Tubewell Area of Bangladesh. Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 178-182.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2002.178.182



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