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Amelioration of NPK on Metals Polluted Bare and Vegetated Sites of Trelogan Mine

M. Anwer , Irshad Hussain , T. McNeilly and P.D. Putwain

A field experiment was carried out at Trelogan lead/zinc mine waste in North Wales, England with the amelioration of N, P, K. NP, NK, PK and NPK in bare and vegetated areas. In seven treated plots of bare mine area, the seedlings of three species, Festuca rubra, Agrostis capillaris and Anthoxanthum odoratum differed significantly (p = 0.01). Similarly dry weight of four species, F. rubra, A. capillaris, A. odoratum and Cladonia sp. (a lichen) in vegetated treated plots also differed significantly (p = 0.001). Fertilizers did not differed significantly in both bare and vegetated areas.

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M. Anwer , Irshad Hussain , T. McNeilly and P.D. Putwain , 2001. Amelioration of NPK on Metals Polluted Bare and Vegetated Sites of Trelogan Mine. Journal of Biological Sciences, 1: 280-283.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2001.280.283


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