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Yield and Quality of Two Maize Hybrids as Affected by Different Planting Patterns

Khalid Iqbal , Tariq Mahmood and Muhammad Usman

The experiment was laid out in randomized complete block design with factorial arrangement and three replications to evaluate the effect of different planting patterns viz. 60-cm spaced single rows, 70-cm spaced single rows, 30/90 cm spaced double row and 35/105-cm spaced double rows on yield and quality of tow maize hybrids viz. `Highcorn 11` and `Cargil 777`. Max-1000 grain weight (438.47 g), grain yield (9.6 t/ha), and stover yield (15.85 t/ha) was recorded when Highcorn 1 1 was sown at 60 cm spaced single rows. While maximum no of grains/cob (372.45) was recorded from `Cargil 777` sown at 30/90 cm apart double row.

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Khalid Iqbal , Tariq Mahmood and Muhammad Usman , 2001. Yield and Quality of Two Maize Hybrids as Affected by Different Planting Patterns. Journal of Biological Sciences, 1: 249-250.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2001.249.250


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