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Efficiency and Economics of Integrated Weed Management in Maize

Muhammad Arshad and Mahboob Akhtar

All weed management strategies under study reduced weed growth and increased yield and yield parameters of maize to a varying degree. Maximum grain yields of 4.54, 4.44 and 4.41 tones ha-1 were obtained in plots treated with pre-emergence application of Dichlor 50EC (acetochlor) @2.5L ha-1 + post-emergence application of Aim + Atratox Copack {Aim 40DF(carfentrazone ethyl) @ 0.05 kg ha-1 + Atratox 38EC (atrazine) @ 0.75 L ha-1}, post- emergence application of Aim + Atratox Copack + one hoeing and pre-emergence application of Dichlor + one hoeing, respectively. These treatments were statistically at par to each other. In terms of monitory gain, maximum net benefit of Rs. 27638.29 was obtained from the crop plants which were treated with post-emergence application of Aim -l-Atratox Copack +one hoeing.

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Muhammad Arshad and Mahboob Akhtar , 2001. Efficiency and Economics of Integrated Weed Management in Maize. Journal of Biological Sciences, 1: 222-223.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2001.222.223


Arshad, M. and M. Akhtar, 2001. Efficiency and economics of integrated weed management in maize. J. Biol. Sci., 1: 222-223.
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