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Analysis and Test on Dynamic Loads of Chassis of the Hydraulic Drill

Qu Qingwen, Dang Junjian, Wang Shaoqing, Sun Tianke and Che Jun
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It is proved that this kind of device of crawler frame can be designed according to the static design through test and analysis. The static analysis design of the crawler frame is also proved to be the final design. The dynamic loads of the crawler frame of D55 hydraulic drill have been tested and analyzed during work in the study. The stress and strain of the crawler frame are obtained from the data measured in different working environments and the spectrum analysis is conducted. The main vibration frequency and its impact are analyzed. The improved measures are put forward to reduce the impact of the dynamic loads.It is proved that the dynamic loads have little effect on the chassis in walking and drilling. According to structure characteristics and mechanical characteristics of track frame of D55 hydraulic drill on the different loads and constraints of the different conditions, hydraulic drill arm in the process of stress state has been studied. The design method is simplified very much. Meanwhile it provides the necessary basis for engineering practice. It provided theoretical support for selection for engineering design.

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Qu Qingwen, Dang Junjian, Wang Shaoqing, Sun Tianke and Che Jun, 2013. Analysis and Test on Dynamic Loads of Chassis of the Hydraulic Drill. Journal of Applied Sciences, 13: 3516-3521.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2013.3516.3521


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